Community Reference Group

 A Community Reference Group (‘CRG’) has been set up as '.... part of Mirvac’s commitment to working with the community throughout this project.... '
There are 2 WPHVPA representatives on the committee.  

2023-07-25  CRG meeting 7 notes

2023-06 CRG Briefing - Program Timeline

2022-12-22 CRG meeting 6 notes

2022-05-18 CRG meeting 5 notes

March 2022
There is a vacant seat on the CRG.  EOI by 18th March.
55 Coonara Ave CRG EOI Notification

18th January 2022
Meeting notes for the fourth CRG meeting were released.
2022-01-18 CRG 4 meeting notes

2nd November 2021
Demolition works were discussed at the third CRG meeting.  Click on the following links to view the meeting notes and presentation.
2021-11-25 CRG 3 meeting notes
2021-11-25 CRG slide presentation

February 2021

Up to 9 or even 10 Storeys revealed at CRG meeting on 15th December!

The meeting notes and slide presentation for the Mirvac Community Reference Group (CRG) meeting, held on 15th December, were made available in February for sharing in our community.  At this meeting, Mirvac revealed the draft Concept Masterplan for the site.  The plans were still at the draft stage and a final plan was expected to be lodged with Council later this month.    Please click on the following links to view the documents:

2020-12-15 CRG 2 meeting notes 

2020-12-15 CRG 2 slide presentation

The draft plans show that although Mirvac might build fewer dwellings, a massive 36% increase to the current allowable building height would be requested.  We thought this was to achieve 8-storey apartment blocks, but you can see in the meeting notes that up to 9 storeys is being planned.  In fact, some of the diagrams in the slide presentation suggest it might even be 10 storeys!

October 2021
The first CRG meeting  was held on 27 October 2020.  Please click on the links to view the meeting notes and slide presentation:
2020-10-27 CRG 1 meeting notes

2020-10-27 CRG 1 slide presentation